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We’re an innovation
and insurance services company.

We build and manage brands, propositions, technology, underwriting and marketing for new or existing products. We drive customer centric solutions using cultural insight, big data, IOT and connected technologies.

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What drives us as a team of industry experts is what should be driving you.

We work with investors, insurers, brokers, comparators, technology companies and underwriters who believe in change and want to make change.

Telematics, in-car tech and IOT applications are changing the way we drive, communicate and interface with our vehicles. In the journey to the driverless car Big Central are defining new platforms and solutions that customers really want.

There’s storing data and using data. Big Central are committed to building useful data points and stories that greatly affect underwriting and provide enhanced driver scores that assist insurers in creating fairer costs for their customers.

Disrupting the conventional, inventing something new - our robust propositions fit the market demand. Big Central are adept at bringing invention to life through a full turnkey solution that focuses on maximizing right fit sales.

Customer centricity is the primary key to success. Continuous insight, trend analysis and cultural research keep Big Central informed of the desires and opportunities that exist within the ever-expanding demographic landscape.

Creation, innovation or disruption

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