How Can Conversations Between Cars Make Driving Safer?

How Can Conversations Between Cars Make Driving Safer?

March 9, 2016 Written by Al
How Can Conversations Between Cars Make Driving Safer?

Self-driving cars are an inevitability, however, they are still a relatively long way off. Instead of a big and sudden change, it will come as a gentle shift, with cars gaining more and more self-driving powers slowly but surely. We are not in for a jump-start into a driverless generation, but rather an evolutionary process from now to then.

One of the changes that will come sooner rather than later is for cars to be able to talk to one another on the road. This is a change that will revolutionise safety, with cars being able to avoid each other in the case of a potential collision. The question then becomes how.
Car-to-car communication is currently being developed so that cars can interact with their surroundings in order to reduce the potential accident risk. Audi are one of the first car companies to put a large amount of money into the development of such technology. Through their cars they want the driver to be more aware of their surroundings and the environment they have around them. The Audi technology, developed by a company called Delphi, allows for street signs to be highlighted, traffic light warnings to be received, pedestrians to be recognised, and of course it also interacts with other cars. This is to avoid the risk of collision.
What this means is that there are essentially three different types of communication going on within the car and each works in a slightly different way. Vehicle to vehicle, vehicle to infrastructure, and pedestrian alerts. These work by connecting sat-navs and smartphones in order to be able to tell where people are.

What are the Limitations of Conversations Between Cars?

There are, it goes without saying, limitations to the technology. Although it is amazingly progressive it is still in its early stages and so it makes sense that it is not perfect. Most importantly is the idea that until most cars have the technology then the roads are just as dangerous a place as ever.
What is meant by this? The answer is simple. Human beings are fallible. Where technology can be made to drive down a road and make no mistakes, a human being will always be subject to making mistakes.
For a true self-driving experience cars will need to be able to talk to one another in order to ensure that they are driving safely along the road. Once this has been adopted then the whole world will become safer. This is because machines can react quicker to each other than human drivers ever can. They can react instantaneously, making split second decisions based on facts and statistics. These will be safer. They will be faster. They will make the roads a far safer and enjoyable place for everyone.
The idea of self-driving cars opens a whole philosophical can of worms, however, it is a fascinating one. Cars being able to interact with each over, whether via phone signals or the Internet of Everything, is an inevitable progression that will undoubtedly occur. 


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