Is Mixing Cars with the IoT Safe?

Is Mixing Cars with the IoT Safe?

March 21, 2016 Written by Al
Is Mixing Cars with the IoT Safe?

There have been some concerns circulating around the Internet and mainstream media recently. With all this new technology being integrated into vehicles, with mobile phones becoming more integrated than ever, is it safe to have all this technology in cars in the first place? Could it just act as a distraction for the driver? Will the Internet of Things, the idea of a connected world, act as a catalyst for more accidents to happen? Won’t this result in an unsafe driving environment and thus be a danger for those both inside the car and out?

The answer is partly yes and partly no as it all depends on the mentality and responsibility of the driver.

Nowadays we have phones becoming our own personal guide. They are everything from our own personal assistant, to our personal shopper, to our sat-nav. They are the way we keep in contact with the world; our phone and our friend.

It is easy to see how this could become overly distracting. We understand that now it is not just millennials who spend their time on their phones. Everyone spends time on their phone as they have become an intrinsic part of society. They are on our person all of the time, and guide us through the complexities of everyday life within ever emergent technology. It is because of this that they have become such a distraction.

Being able to prioritise

The trick comes from being able to prioritise tasks. It is important that as consumers we are able to say what is important to us and what is not.

This means that there are some IoT functions that do need to be thought about. Do we need a sat-nav in the car? Of course as they are an integral part of what driving has become. Do we need the ability to send Tweets using motion capture in a small camera mounted on our dashboards? The answer to that is probably not, and yet the technology is currently being developed to make it a realistic option.

These latter, non-necessary, aspects to driving are luxuries and conveniences that could potentially make the driving experience better for the driver, if not more dangerous for everyone else.

What this means is that there is a line and a limit to where technology can be integrated into the car before it becomes a complete distraction. This limit ultimately comes down to the driver and the manufacturers. Is it better to be able to Tweet and drive or is it better to be able to drive safely? This does not mean that we should become puritanical at the sight of cars, but it does mean that we should use our common sense.

There are some amazing developments out there in the line of car accessories; however, safety always needs to be put above convenience. It is for the manufacturers of cars, of software, hardware, and the consumer to strike a convincing argument between them.


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