Is Technology The Secret to Automotive Service?

Is Technology The Secret to Automotive Service?

April 18, 2016 Written by Al
Is Technology The Secret to Automotive Service?

Dealerships in America are taking apps and customer communications to a whole new level by developing new ways to track how cars perform over time.
How this is achieved is by using telematics, either in-car or in the form of a mobile app, to see how well a car is doing on the road. By comparing the metrics, car dealers can tell when a car needs maintenance and thus improve their service. By improving their service they just might be saving lives.
According to Sandy Schwartz, the president of Cox Automotive in New York City, people are expecting a whole new level of service across industries and the automotive industry is no different. He said that if Domino’s Pizza customers can use a mobile app to order pizza, monitor its progress, and know when it is on its way then the same thing should be able to be done with cars in the mechanics.
This is a very fair point, and a revolutionary idea that could change the way people order cars or have their cars serviced in future. According to Automotive News mobile opportunities for dealerships are vast. They could be used for service notifications, automatic scheduling, vehicle pickup, work-in-progress tracking, increased transparency, detailed pricing and so much more.
This being said, opinions are divided as to whether an app-based approach or a web-based approach is best for dealerships going forward. Like all debates there are those both for and against.
Across all industries there is a general trend towards web optimisation, something the motor industry has been relatively slow on the uptake with so far. This being said, more and more companies are embracing the Internet as a tool. The public has, across all industries, shown a growing like for ordering online, booking appointments online, and communicating through the World Wide Web.
Apps are also being embraced across all industries and, most notably, the insurance market. Companies such as Aviva and Tesco Insurance, who are using mobile apps to track how their customers drive, are using in-app telematics. They then reward their customers for using the app.
It goes to show that the market is there for service mobile apps (as Sandy Schwartz said, Domino’s have them) and they are certainly something for vigilant car dealerships to look into in the future.
There has been a sharp increase in technology developed for the automotive industry over the past few months. This means there are exciting times ahead for cars and car owners alike. Technology could be the secret key to incredible car service both in and out of the showroom.


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