What Are Driver Override Systems?

What Are Driver Override Systems?

April 18, 2016 Written by Al
What Are Driver Override Systems?
We have all heard the news about self-driving cars. Self-driving cars, or autonomous vehicles, are an innovative invention designed to make our everyday life as pleasurable and easy as possible. The idea is that our car makes the driving decision for us, and this will make our drive smoother, easier, and ultimately a lot safer.
Driver override systems are along the same kind of lines as self-drive cars in so much as they take some of the autonomy away from the driver in times of trouble or danger.

So what is a driver override system?

Well, in some way, we already have them. Most people do in the form of anti-lock brakes and skid control. These are two current examples that make the concept of driver override systems simple to understand. Both cut in whenever the car “senses” danger, making it possible for the car to remain as stable as possible when it skids on the road.
The future of driver override systems is similar if not a lot more advanced. With sensors getting astronomically better over time, paving the way for better communications between different parts of the car. These include the car being able to physically engage the brake whilst the accelerator is flat on the floor, something that has not been possible so far.
These improvements are set to become reality by 2020 when the first cars will not only have telematics boxes installed but also improvements to sensors and improvements to braking systems.
What this means for the wider environment and economy is generally positive. Theoretically speaking these should make the roads a safer place for all to drive as cars can react faster rather than relying on human interaction. We, as a species, are generally fairly slow, however, improvements in our technology mean we can react a lot faster.
This is all due to rapid increases in sensor technology, resulting in a shift of focus from other areas of vehicle development.
As consumers it means we are safer in our own cars, knowing that our vehicles are watching our backs. It will result in the driving experience becoming a far safer and far more secure ride, allowing for us to be human whilst our cars take up some of the slack of stressful driving.
This advantage is one amongst many, with new technology surfacing every day in the automotive industry. 


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